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Rug Tessuti Stripe Small

Code: AA3510-1
Product Dimensions: 120x180 cm
Product Material: 100% Jute


Weight: 5.08kg
Length: 123.00cm
Width: 14.00cm
Height: 14.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

The Thessuti stripe rug is a pleasure to behold as it comes in the most impressive combination of colours most suited of your home already has a marine theme. Soft and supple as well as very pliable, it is high on durability and will surely make your home come alive with more character and charm owing to its handmade elegance. Add rugs of this kind to your spaces and lend them a gentle touch of sophistication.

Flooring and floor accessories, especially handmade rugs bring with them a touch of simple class that comes from all things that are handmade and based on old crafts-like weaving and knotting. This jute made rug is strong and yet pliable, soft under the feet, yet has the ability to take such wear and tear, which makes it suitable for all kinds of spaces. Skid proof and thick enough to be placed in all spaces, it could lend homes with a certain kind of impressive finish. The length of this rug is 180 cm and its width is 120 cm making it appropriate for smaller rooms which too need to be given an impressive look. Lightweight and easy to maintain sit could simply be vacuumed, this is a great option for those homes that are looking for a change in décor with a simple inclusion of a rug. The off white of the outer stripes makes a lovely contrast with the deeper hued navy blue central stripe that gives the design much centering. Add it for a fresh new appeal in any room.

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