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Sail Boat Navy Stripe Medium

Code: LB5430-2
Product Dimensions: 27x45x5 cm
Product Material: Wood, Fabric


Weight: 0.59kg
Length: 6.00cm
Width: 46.00cm
Height: 29.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Our Medium Navy Stripe Sail Boat may be just what you're looking for to round out your inventory of nautically themed gift or seasonal items. Customers love these sailboats to decorate little boy's rooms or to display on their own boats.

• The medium sized free standing boat has a flat rectangular base, and the boat is lifted on pegs so it looks like an expensive handmade craft.

• Realistic mainsail and jib sail are constructed from durable cotton canvas and dyed with a wide navy blue stripe alternating with the white fabric.

• Eyelet hooks form the rigging stations, and cotton cord is used to "rig" the sails.

• Topstitching completes the sail construction and gives an authentic appearance.

• Both the boom and main mast are made rounded dowels and painted white.

• A rudder at the bottom is painted white like the hull, and a decorative navy stripe is added around the top edge.

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