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Scarf Black Border Navy

Code: LA8261-1
Product Dimensions: 96x200H cm
Product Material: 100% Rayon


Weight: 0.12kg
Length: 52.00cm
Width: 35.00cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

The caress of real wool on the skin always feel snug and warm and when the scarf itself comes in such a lovely combination that can be worn almost every day - you will soon find it to be your staple choice on days you wish to look special or when you have to transit from work to a pleasure outing. Here is the quintessential scarf that sets the record straight, making accessories truly count towards making you look great.

Dressing well has always relied on great accessories to support or create a certain look and when one looks at the greatest ever icons of fashion trendsetters, scarves have always been there and retain their hold as an essential to looking elegant. Here is a deep blue wool scarf , with a broads black border that defines it rich look and feel all the more. Place this in a loose drape worn your neck or fling it casually around your shoulders if you feel like it - the very feel and look of the scarf will lend so much charm to your every day plain clothes. The versatility of such a scarf lies in its ability to be worn as much with formal attires as it can with informal ones. A lovely deep indigo blue bordered with black ensure that it will contrast well with darker as well as lighter colored clothes. Scarves made of wool keep you warm and when its quality is this carefully chosen, you will find them emerging as your firm choice for a special occasion as it gathers easily, does not bulk up and form less creases than usual fabrics. This scarf has a length of 200 cm and is 96 cm wide.

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