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Scarf Blue Wave

Code: LA8762-2
Product Dimensions: 80x190 cm
Product Material: 10% Wool, 90% Viscose


Weight: 0.12kg
Length: 34.00cm
Width: 0.20cm
Height: 51.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 200

There is something truly elegant and glamorous about the manner in which this almost indigo coloured blue scarf will enhance the dress or your regular wear denims. Wear it with sweaters, jacket or simply loosely drape it round your dress, there are so many wonderful reasons why your autumn dressing will look more snug, stylish and filled with colours.

The solid blue colour is only broken by thing strands of atmospheric white that lends the only design this scarf needs to make it look stunningly chic. Drape it round your neck and feel the soft comfort and warmth of wool and acrylic blend. The length allows you to play around the manner in which you could wear it. If you so desire wear it draped across your shoulders, or simply know it smartly across your neck and when in the mood tie it on the crown of your head. The vivid blue broken only by the stem like white will create the coolest of looks this autumn and winter. After all it is in the right accessorizing with minimalism that makes for great style. The length of the scarf is 180 cm and its width 90 cm making it soft and easy to know - bunches up neatly and when opened has just the right natural fabric rumpled effect. Drapes and falls beautifully. An add on in your wardrobe that will suit all kinds of dressing styles.

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