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Scarves & Clothing

Scarf Silver Grey Tassel

Code: LD3351-1
Product Dimensions: 88x190cm
Product Material: Viscose, Acrylic


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 32.00cm
Width: 0.02cm
Height: 48.20cm
Inner Qty: 1

Soft and cosy, this grey tasselled scarf is a must have for all who like to give a twist of fancy to a well - worn dress of outfit and wish to make it look new and more fashionable. This is why scarves have the ability to make all the difference to the way you have always aspire to dress. Dominating ramp fashions this fall and winter across the globe and of course in Lavida's very own fashion arsenal is this wonderful range of gorgeous scarves that are soft, reliably warm in the autumnal weather conditions and look gorgeous drapes in a variety of ways.

For all who wish to add more life into their usual dresses and outfits, the right kind of an accessory can make all the difference to the way your make a fashion statement and scarves from Lavida - especially in their new soft ad warm all weather range fabric, can do wonders for this. This soft grey wonder is tasselled to lend it a more light and bohemian appeal that would go as wonderfully with your casual attires as it would with a more formal loo. Long enough for experimentation with knots and draping styles, it has length of 190 cm and width of 88 cm making it large enough for all kind of drapes. Will look especially charming with pastels or softer shades highlighting their freshness. The fabric has a wonderful fall and does not crinkle or form unsightly folds that can ruin the look.

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