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Scarves & Clothing

Scarf Westin

Code: LA8765-2
Product Dimensions: 70x190 cm
Product Material: Wool, Acrylic


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 47.00cm
Width: 0.02cm
Height: 35.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Brighten up your day by choosing the right kind of accessories that keep your warm and snug through a wintry or autumnal day and evening. Add the zest of colours as bright as red and blue and as cool as white - and a design that elevates the look further. This superbly created scarf is a wonderful addition to any kind of dressing helping it gain more impact in terms of looks.

Scarves are a great accessory to drape especially in the cooler autumn months and through winters when they allow you to use them over the head or draped around your neck keeping out chilling temperatures and this wool and acrylic made scarf will do just that. Made from spun material in a combination of acrylic and wool makes it rather soft and pliable as a fabric which feels comfortable on the skin. The brightness of the colours come from the acrylic component while the warmth comes from the wool. The scarf is long enough to be worn in different styles, even draped across like a stole or twisted into a head scarf, if need be. The gorgeous colours reminiscent of the French tricolours makes it a colour combination that is inherently energetic and joy filled. The print is delicate and clearly visible. An accessory that anyone would be proud to flaunt.

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