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Scarves & Clothing

Scarf White Tassel

Code: LD3350-1
Product Dimensions: 88x190cm
Product Material: Viscose, Acrylic


Weight: 0.20kg
Length: 32.00cm
Width: 0.02cm
Height: 48.20cm
Inner Qty: 1

Soft as dew drops, fresh and pure, warm as you would need it to be and cool enough to suit wearing it on summer days - here is a superb mix of fibres like viscose acrylic to bring to you a blend that is light weight yet cosy. A kind of scarf that will help make any outfit look and feel as casual as you could want it to eb and as formal as you would like it.

A scarf is perhaps one of the most elegant of accessories anyone can own. It in fact is not just a great way to vary the look of the same outfit each time you wear it but helps one switch from semi - formal to a casual look to a more formal look in a jiffy and there being so many draping styles that one can experiment with - here is one such scarf that will lend your wardrobe a fresh new appeal. A lovely blend of fibres to give you the warmth you need when evenings get cold and the cool cosiness when the sun is too bright. Drape it around your shoulders, - let it hang loose around the neck or simply fling it across your neck. The 190 cm length is sumptuous enough to try out varied styles. Its width too will not disappoint. The fabric will retain its new and fresh fee for long to come and the colour being white its impression is sure to eb quite dramatic with coloured clothes as much as with pastels and more muted shades. The tassels being its most attractive feature - it forms the entire edging and gives it a certain bohemian kind of feel.

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