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Starfish Aqua

Code: LA7711-6
Product Dimensions: 13x2x13H cm
Product Material: Resin


Weight: 1.00kg
Length: 11.00cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 14.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

Some believe that starfish make your wishes come true and finding ne is indeed an indication of coming good luck - looking at this starfish though one would indeed feel lucky as would ones home for it is bound to add oodles of colour and a strong accent to a home looking to create a marine or aquatic decor theme.

Made of resin , this rather well crafted star fish is very close to the real thing. The manner in which the fingers of the creature have been created as has been the calluses and the roughness on its exterior, the urge to touch and feel it is rather strong. Anyone wanting the serenity of the maritime theme in his or her home would do well to add this tiny little decor piece to several places - like the space where one displays shells and stones, or one could place it alongside things like glass fishes and plants or even with model sailboats It is by adding these small little pieces that carry so much of beauty that one can make all the difference and this is what Lavida has tried to provide to all homes that are usually modern and minimalist. They need statement pieces that will do the trick and this surely is one such piece.

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