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Tassels & Table Runners

Tassel Cristallo - White

Code: LB2271-4
Product Dimensions: 4x4x18 cm + cord
Product Material: Cotton, Resin


Weight: 0.12kg
Length: 11.00cm
Width: 3.50cm
Height: 1.70cm
Inner Qty: 4

Add Accenuating Flare To Your Fabric DŽcor. The Tassel Cristallo-White can be wonderful home accessory in all seasons.

Looking to incorporate a form of high-end home decorations that have been missing in your home? Then look no further. The Tassel Cristallo provides a decorative trim with the perfect width to accomplish its task while providing an amazing visual appeal.

This 4 x 4 x 18 cm accessory features a suspended cord attached to a crystal gem topped off with beautiful binding pearl white threads articulately attached to the crystal gem that make up the fringe of the ornament. Tassels are usually decorative elements used for a number of purposes. Its clean pearl white characteristics enable it to be utilized in almost any dŽcor environment which provides a high level of flexibility.This elegant white Tassel ornament will add accentuating flare to your living room curtains, drapes, blinds etc. while providing a level of class to the overall interior design.

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