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Tassels & Table Runners

Tassel - Green

Code: LA0995-4
Product Dimensions: 5x5x19cm
Product Material: Cotton, Glass


Weight: 0.25kg
Length: 1.00cm
Width: 4.00cm
Height: 18.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 4

There is something about tassels that makes them such a statement of elegance and style. They not only allow you to give a neat finish to grand furnishings but also aid in making the simplest of them suddenly gain a regal kind of importance. Why settle for any less when you have at hand some of the finest handmade tassels in cotton and glass, with embellishments that would befit the finest of standards. So be it drapes or rugs, throws of any kind-you will surely find the right tassel to suit your need from Lavida.

Add the luster of beads, glass and soft and silky fabric in colors galore -they come in a size and shape that will make you want to get them all-made with care, the artisanal quality tassels here have been crafted so as to meet your need for finishing off a fine looking drape, a table runner, or even large cushions that need to be given a touch of elegance. Add them to curtain ends as ties, or simply place them as ends of chair arms and handles. There are so many places where these tassels could add that touch of traditional elegance. It is an ornate style that has survived for centuries and is a symbol of indulgence and luxury and by simply adding a few here and there you could give your spaces quite a facelift. Here this tassel has been created from fine transparent cloth and glass beading that have bene layered wonderfully to give it a length of 19 cm and a width of 5 cm in all.

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