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Tassel Soft Pink

Code: LA7770-4
Product Dimensions: 4x4x32H cm
Product Material: Cotton Embroidery Floss


Weight: 2.00kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 23.50cm
Height: 3.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

Tassels are an amazing embellishment whose presence itself build in a sense of super luxury. It has perhaps something to do with their Baroque background r the simple fact that the plumage, the tufting and the silken softness of it adds that sense of extravaganza - and with this soft pink version you are very much on the right track to get the best look for your home.

Tassels have so many uses - be it the ottoman that needs a touch of newness, the drapes that could be made to look more plush or the tapestry that you have juts added on the wall could do with some extra special touches, there are multifarious uses that makes tassels an absolute favourite in homes that like the classical look. This soft pink ne comes with a deep dense feel as it has a thick tufting and additional baubles on the top. The material used is cotton embroidery floss that has a deep satiny sheen that makes the look all the more plush and luxurious. The tassel colour will make it most suitable for building a more feminine feel in t he room ,so its as suited for a 'princess and palace' feel room and could be used on drapes and cushions or the chairs to make the upholstery acquire a rich and luxuriant feel.

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