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Tassels & Table Runners

Tassels - White

Code: LA0802-4
Product Dimensions: 5x19cm
Product Material: Cotton, Glass


Weight: 0.25kg
Length: 14.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 4.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

They hang there resplendent and stately, a testimony of a style that believed in luxurious indulgence-harking back to times that goes back several centuries, tassels have remained a quintessential part of not just the western world and their styles in decor but also the mid-eastern world-their appeal thus is cross cultural and stems from a need to make interiors look well-groomed and luxurious.

Add them to tie ups on drapes, on runners, throws, rugs and even cushions that are large. The very presence of tassel denotes a certain period drama and a sense of antiquity sets in. When you add it to even the simplest of plain fabrics the sense of richness engulfs it. It is because of this that those wanting a makeover but not too elaborate could opt for adding tassels to some of the articles in the decor to add that supreme finish. The tassel is made of white colored cotton fabric to create the fluff that is dense and at the top is the corded portion with baubles topping it in metallic shade of bronze that contrasts well with the white glass bead held there. The tassel has a lovely graceful length of 19 cm making it perfect for large cushions or drapes as well. Add this and many such on offer from Lavida-the people who care about your décor needs.

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