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Tray Cherry Blossom

Code: YT5201-1
Product Dimensions: 18x14x3.5cm
Product Material: ceramic


Weight: 1.10kg
Length: 19.00cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 20.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 32

The tiny flowers are spread across the vintage white look tray - its artistic touch sure to make your dresser or bedside look all the more elegant. Use this tray like a regular serving tray for a couple of glasses or a few bowls or simply use it like a serving platter as well. Better still, use it like trinket tray especially when you need to take off tiny little earrings or studs that tend to get misplaced so very quickly.

When finding ways and means to keep your personal spaces looking well - groomed and yet functionally as great look out for these trays from Lavida that could be as great for holding your tiny trinkets as it does for serving a cup of coffee. The ceramic made tray comes in a muted vintage white verging on grey covered in cherry blossom blooms, all across the exterior. The soft colours, the rectangular shape which is 18 cm in length and 14 cm in width with a depth of 3.5 cm , the base of the tray is flat while the borders are slightly raised - slanted and smooth, it allows one to grip the tray well and carry it around. Use it anyway - to drop off your tiny precious little trinkets or to serve a glass of lemonade, in both these cases, this tray will be extremely useful. The touch of tiny imperfections points to its handmade nature - the lines that define its sides and edges and the manner in which the flowers have been painted adds to its artisanal nature.

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