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Servingware & Kitchen

Tray Pastel Pink Sq

Code: LA8685-8
Product Dimensions: 15x15 cm
Product Material: Porcelain


Weight: 1.82kg
Length: 17.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 17.00cm
Inner Qty: 8
Carton Qty: 64

A square paste pink tray that will help set apart the look of your dining table and the manner in which you would be serving - after all great quality porcelain has the ability to lend a graceful touch of ageless beauty - an age - old craft form that has survived the test of time this porcelain handcrafted piece will set the look of your table and make serving such an easy exercise.

You will get complimented right away for choosing such a wonderful set of porcelain set for your home - after all this tray along with several of the other pieces in it makes for a pretty splash of gentle pink, perfect finish and a glaze and thus reminds one of the finest handcrafted pottery. This porcelain tray has a wavering edge that lends its 11 - cm dimension structure more beauty. Adequately deep and well balanced for holding and serving, it could be used like any other serving tray as well. The embossed design along the inner rim and the butterfly at it base coordinates with the rest of the pieces of the set which feature the same design. Despite its delicate features, the porcelain tray is smooth and well finished and rather sturdy in its structure. Should work wonderfully well with other pieces of your crockery as its colour is quite muted and should not clash. Whether used as a serving tray, a platter or even as a space filler in your décor holding dry flowers or candles or curious placed on it - its beauty is the kind that will be notices nevertheless.

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