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Trinket Box Frog

Code: LD4097-1
Product Dimensions: 5x4x2cm
Product Material: Metal, Enamel


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 7.50cm
Width: 6.50cm
Height: 5.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 10

A lively green colour close to the natural colour that little froggy would be found in , makes this a truly unique looking little trinket case that will perhaps be as precious a possession for you as would be what it is going to hold in its safe confines, made to impress with its minute detailing and beautiful studded exterior -little froggy open up its upper portion to allow you an easy to access space where you could keep safe your most oved tiny trinkets.

Give a safe haven to trinkets that you cherish and would love to care for. Making things easy in terms of safe keeping is this tiny trinket case, created from metal that has been honed into this dainty case, all green and gold in colour with crystal studs that truly adds to its gloriously looks. The tiny froggy is all of 5 cm or so in height and width and its top comes off to reveal its tiny case within, the lid in fact sits rather neatly with the edge of the lid barely visible thus concealing the receptacle. will adorn the vanity area and help keep tiny trinkets safe and within reach -especially the ones that are rather small and tend to get lots in the maze of larger chunkier jewellery. You could use this case as a gift or as any other accent.

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