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Servingware & Kitchen

Trivet Olives

Code: LA8051-2
Product Dimensions: 18x24H cm
Product Material: Clay, Cork


Weight: 0.56kg
Length: 18.50cm
Width: 1.50cm
Height: 24.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

A vintage feel trivet that works very hard to keep your table top surfaces as shiny and new as ever by protecting it from heat as well as moisture. This auburn and olive green colored trivet with a very Spanish feel to it remind one of the summers in the sun baked olive growing regions of the south of Europe - a feeling that is associated as much with good food as with a sense of traditional family meal times.

If you care to protect the furniture from getting ugly heat induced marks that usually form due to the impact of placing bowls and pans that have things that you wish to serve hot and wish to bring very hot dishes to serve - there is always the option of placing trivets that forms a gap between surface and the dish and what better way to achieve his than with this olive design one. The trivet is made of clay and has been given a cork bottom so that it does not skid on the table. The length is 24 cm and the width is 18 cm and this that makes it most suitable for very large dishes or when you wish to bring and place smaller bowls that need to be offered to all on the table. Bring it in as if one were holding a tray and there after place it on the table , secure in the knowledge that it will not leave any ugly marks. The gorgeous olive country inspired design will add its own homely charm to the space. Hardy and tough, it can be cleaned with simple wipe of cloth.

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