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Candle Holders

Vase On Stand Silver Band

Code: LA8581-2
Product Dimensions: 14x14x28H cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 1.10kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 14.00cm
Height: 30.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 18

The glistening glass gets highlighted by the silvery band that glitters with a dull but inimitable sparkle. Here is a superb way of adding a touch of class on countertops, the dining space, console or your sideboard and top it with flowers when you need more colour - by itself too the very look of this gorgeous vase will make the space liven up with a new kind of interest.

Make a small little difference to any space with classic inclusions such as this glass vase on a stand that has an urn like feature created by the strand of silver on the top and the pedestal like stand that gives it a detailed kind of design. Made from crystal clear high - quality glass, the vase has the essential good looks that could make quite wonderful difference to the way your space could look especially if you wish to make it feel more heritage and vintage. Add flowers in it or place a tapering long candle, bot would look stunning in its effect. The superb finish of the glass comes from expert glassware craftsmen who have created this new range on offer from Lavida. A vase such as this could be the tiny highlight on mantles study tables the window sill or as the centrepiece on the dining table when the occasion demands a bit of fanfare in the décor. The height is 28 cm while its wide almost inverted bell like shape has a wider rim which is about 14 cm in diameter. The pedestal stand gives the design a superb balance making it topple free.

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