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Decorative Glassware

Vessel Metal Twist Large

Code: LL6062-2
Product Dimensions: 15x15x31H cm
Product Material: Rattan, Wire


Length: 2.00cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 19.50cm
Inner Qty: 33
Carton Qty: 1

The striking contrast takes this glassware to another high in design - the wire outer twisted and knotted in a delicate weave so unique covering the fragility of the glass bottle held within as if protection it like an armour - a superb means to showcase a whole new texture and look in modern setting.

Glassware on offer from Lavida summarily has come up with unique designs that potentially add so many display and usability options to your home and this bottle is no less. The height of the flat bottom vase cum bottle is all of 31 cm making it adequately large to be used like any other vase or simply as a decorative accent. The wire mesh has been handcrafted and used like an outer decoration offsetting the opaque glass body and its paleness. The dark wire creates a filigree like mesh, rustic and yet with a delicate sort of beauty. The bell - shaped beauty within the wire mesh has solid detailing with the mesh beginning at the neck of the bottle ending at the base. Can be used as much for decorating your table tops, or simply like any other vase. Stick flowers in it or use it to pour out water - whichever way - this is one bottle that is sure to gather a lot of attention.

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