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Decorative Glassware

Vessel Metal Twist Small

Code: LL6063-2
Product Dimensions: 12x12x23H cm
Product Material: Rattan, Wire


Length: 0.82cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 14.00cm
Inner Qty: 24
Carton Qty: 1

Glassware have come a long way in design and representation - getting coloured, shaped and in this case even knotted up in wire makes them develop a whole new angle in their look. Add this one of a kind design to add to your seaside look home or simply make it a vase to adorn your window, console or the mantle - whichever way this is one design sure to grab maximum attention.

The uniqueness of design comes from the manner in which materials get combined and the featuring of unique shapes and colours - in all of these respects this wire encased glass vase is a masterpiece. The bell shaped opaque glass bottle is covered in knotted wire mesh that adds a striking contrast to its pale colour. The black wire has been hand crafted into this cover for the bottle that begins at the neck and covers the entire base. The bottle may be used as much for a simple robust kind of display as it could be as a vase or a water decanter. Place it at the bar for that touch of solidity or at the window with your favourite flowers and its will lend a different view of beauty. There are so many reasons that this charmer will leave you ecstatic with its completely unique kind of look. The glassware is 23 cm in height with its maximum width at 12 cm. Add a contemporary edge with this design and lend your dull spaces something of a style change.

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