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Decorative Glassware

Votive Bubble Round

Code: LD3190-8
Product Dimensions: 7x7.5cm
Product Material: glass


Weight: 0.30kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 7.50cm
Inner Qty: 8
Carton Qty: 8

Illumination can be a game changer in your interiors which is why there has been so much innovation in this filed. Yet, no one can quite deny the charm and the soft mellow lighting that candles bring with them helping them retain their unchallenged rule in our home. This beautifully designed bubble design glass votive singularly can help light up a space not just with the light its candle or tealight will emanate, but also lend the beauty of its pattern and handmade artistry to the space.

Votives come in many forms and shapes and Lavida has always striven to create just the right curation of designs and patterns for your home - like this bubble designed glass votive whose glass body combines a strong heat resistant body with the beauty of transparent glass. The rounded bubbled facets will throw the light in the most interesting of patterns Will hold a tealight when lit could be the most dramatic of illumination in the space. Dress up your coffee table, the mantle or your desk with this addition and lend a light accent that will change the very mood of the evening. Made from high grade glass, it has been crafted by artist who know the craft of creating wonderfully well - designed shapes in the most symmetrical of ways. The height of this votive is all of 7 cm while its maximum diameter is 7.5 cm. Its shape in fact is oblong with narrow base which is round rising to a wider mouth and angles slightly at the centre.

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