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Candle Holders

Votive Ribb Round Clear

Code: EE7516-6
Product Dimensions: 7x7x7H cm
Product Material: Glass, Metal


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 23.00cm
Width: 16.50cm
Height: 8.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 72

They are those tiny dancing lights that can make all the difference to the way your décor looks in the evenings-votives enhance the beauty of the space by highlighting just what should be highlighted and leaving shadows where needed and thus build in a certain kind of ambiance that makes evenings feel especially romantic and cozy.

Adding votives as pretty as this votive Linea will help enhance the decor setting you are trying to create in the outdoor or indoor. The tiny 7 cm high and 7 cm dimeter votive is made of glass and can hold a small pillar candle. The frosted glass will ensure that the light is highly diffused thus lending the space a more malleable softness, the kind that will allow things to glow. The beauty of the votive lies also in the manner in which metal and glass have bene combined in such a classic manner-very artisanal in its look, the oblong shape of the votive, the round base on which it stands and the rim made of a detailed design metal ring adds a touch of definition to its shape and style. Several such votives could be used around the space or you could make cluster and help redefine the look of the area. The great quality of glass will ensure that the votive is able to survive the intense heat of the candle and will be able to give you years and years of wonderful lighting alternative. Easy to clean you can replace the candle with much ease and clean the wax residue as well.

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