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White Leather Pouch Medallion

Code: IA4302-2
Product Dimensions: 18x13cm
Product Material: Leather, metal


Weight: 0.25kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 3.00cm
Height: 18.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Leather always gives the look of indulgence and when you look at this embossed leather pouch from Lavida you are filled with wonder about how many tiny details have been added to give it this kind of an artisanal beauty. Created to add a touch of crafted flair to your accessory collection, this pouch could be used as much for keys and currency as for carrying pens and pencils.

Whatever maybe the reason for you to need a pouch this special, the fact remains that adding this one will send your style quotient rather high. The special quality zippered pouch has just the right size to be handy enough to be carried in hand and sleek enough to be placed inside bags and satchels. The white coloured leather pouch will hold all of your most essential belongings in its safe custody. The strong leather pouch will soon get marks of age that will build in more character and lend it a beautiful new look, so much like your own. as they say that with things made of leather, the manner in which you handle it differs from person to person and that is what creates its own unique creasing - much like thumbprints. The sturdy leather body will be able to hold plenty of things - trinkets, currency, a hurried folded piece of information, and such articles. The highlight of the design of course is the tiny metal made medallion that lends is so much beauty as it contrasts vividly with the leather top.

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