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Wind Chimes Elephant Charm

Code: LD3049-2
Product Dimensions: 9x40cm
Product Material: timber, metal


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 28.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 4.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

The wind catches them in play - twirling them around and sending them in a dizzying spin. Not a spectacle you can ordinarily see elephants performing! And yet here they are hanging from this decidedly forest and jungle themed wind chime that build in a feeling of certain lightness and brings a fresh sound as if brought in by the breeze.

Invite not just the most lilting of chimes but also a wild and forest feel chime into the home and hear the sound of the breeze playing with the vertical chimes. Hang this near the window or at the doorway facing the side which brigs in all the freshness into your home and spaces. The delicate sound of the metal chime will feel especially nice after a tired day's work, when the only sound that can revive you is the sound of silence. The chimes have wonderful handcrafted appeal which comes from the timber portion and the tiny elephants that are hanging from it. The rest of the structure is in metal. A round dial like wooden piece is from where the pipes hang and makes the sound all the more delightfully serene and pacifying. The tiny elephants add to the hypnotic spinning movement as well. The total height of the piece is 40 cm. it could be placed at windows and doorways.

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