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Scarves & Clothing

Wool Scarf Black Border White

Code: LA8260-1
Product Dimensions: 96x200H cm
Product Material: 100% Wool


Weight: 0.12kg
Length: 52.00cm
Width: 35.00cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

The absolute drama of black and white can never be dull or boring and the very boldness of the contrast makes it a classic scarf to that will set the mood for a formal attire or when draped loosely get you to look alluringly informal and relaxed. Warm, soft and so very sensuous in its feel - add this accessory to your collection and feel what a difference it will make to your look.

Scarves are great as accessories and when they happen to come in bold contrasting colors such as this white woolen one with a broad black border, the value of its look is obvious. Could be as effective when worn with black and white as with any other color solids. The soft woolen fabric is lightweight and warm, does not get creased easily and is easy to knot and drape, having a lovely fall . The super luxury feel is built into the usage of pure wool that defines the look of this rather simple scarf that relies mainly on its bold contrast and its fabric to make an impact. Place this round your neck and give that old dress, trouser and shirt or whatever, you decide to wear, whole new sophisticated angle, and as they say, you can never quite go wrong with black and white. Its fabric will allow fine pleating and it will sit gracefully and snugly around you and not slip off . The scarf is 200 cm long with a width of 90 cm.

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