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Woven Tray S/3 Natural

Code: LT3252-1
Product Dimensions: L: 36x36x9cm M: 33x33x9cm S: 30x30x9cm
Product Material: Rattan


Weight: 0.75kg
Inner Qty: 1

They come in golden beige colour that lends to them a very organic touch and feel. The textured rattan surfaces a pleasure to touch and behold showing off its beautiful traditional weave. This set of three trays are great means to enhance the beauty of your home, if you use it for placing potted plants, your collection of shells and candles or perhaps simply to serve whatever you desire. They come in neat set of three differently sized square trays.

Made from rattan, the weave displays the expertise of the hands that know the traditional weaving style well. The set of trays are square-come with sturdy iron made frames around which the fibre has been wound and wrapped in the most seamless of ways, the three sizes will allow easy nesting of the smaller tray within the larger ones. Could be used for regular serving as the sturdy weave will ensure that you could carry glasses to bowls or whatever you please on them the handles have been built to allow easy carrying experience. The largest of three trays is 36 cm dimension, the medium ne is 33 cm in dimension and the smallest is 30 cm in dimension. The beauty of the piece also lies in truly minimalistic design. The 9 cm depth of all the three trays makes the suitable for carrying and ferrying across room or for holding on well to bowls, pots, plates and the likes.

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