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Wholesale Artwork

As Australia's largest and most popular wholesaler we stock a great range of inexpensive artwork, which includes canvas and lacquer prints to suit every decor.

Welcome to our online art gallery - Australia's most comprehensive range of wholesale artworks.

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LaVida have been supplying retailers with artwork and wall decor for many years and are an established wholesale suppliers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our extensive range of wholesale artwork includes canvas prints and lacquer prints in a variety of styles & designs.

We stock all styles of artwork to suit every home decor including country style, children's & nursery, modern and contemporary, decorative artwork and landscape photography.

Our ready to retail range is updated every few weeks and plays an important part in the foundation of any store display.  Being able to create the right ambiance in your store plays a huge part in your customer experience.  We know how important it is to you that you are able to keep your displays looking on trend and updated and at these price points you will be able to turn over your stock much quicker.

Retailers looking to stock ranges of country style decor will be more than happy with our range of horse prints, nature and outdoor prints.  We understand how important it is to retailers to be able to source unique products as sellable price points and we ensure that this criteria is at the forefront of our minds when selecting products.

Artwork for children's bedrooms also plays a large role in our range, ensuring that we always cater for both boys and girls bedrooms.  We know how your customers always love to see fresh designs of both modern and traditional looks.  For the girls we love to incorporate butterflies and ballet shoes, princesses, flowers and fairies, every of shades of pink is absolutely necessary which we like to compliment with an array of pastel shades.  The boys rooms always seem to favour the blues, reds and whites with stars and stripes for the older boys being popular and for the younger ones cars, planes, skateboards and surfboards always seem to work.  We also like to have some unisex artwork available too and this is where our animal friends come into their own, whether its cats and dogs, elephants and lions or whales, dolphins and birds, they all work beautifully.

Nature Artwork

We love to include lots of different images of nature in the artwork we select.  Beautiful images of flowers, trees and plant life are always nice to see on walls and we try to source images that will really capture a persons eye, something they would like to look at again and again.  Insects have been very popular over the past few years, anything from butterflies to ladybugs and not forgetting the dragonflies.  Owls and song birds always sell well as do peacocks.

Landscape Photography

Here in Australia and New Zealand we are blessed with the most beautiful scenery and landscapes and we know how popular they are with your customers.  We have chosen some of the most talented photographers in Australia and New Zealand to capture these stunning natural sights and have reproduced them on canvas at incredible price points.

Visit our online wholesale art gallery to find artwork at great wholesale prices and start your collection today!

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