Now who does not own a little treasure chest of memoirs and keepsakes- Those movie tickets that are kept as reminders of first high school sweethearts... Those pieces of paper that contain favorite pop star's signatures...Necklaces from friends who have moved away... All these things are truly special and remind people of significant and stolen moments from the past. They can never be repeated again and that is why mementos are very special. Some may say it's junk, but Lavida knows better. They know the stories that each memoir has, and the importance of keeping them stored like hidden treasures. ... read more

A boxful of love

Lavida has unveiled its collection of charming boxes as rightful keepers of your customers' memories and their other special knick knacks. These boxes come in a delightful assortment of shapes and sizes with even a tray or two in the selection to fully accommodate all of their storage needs. Each one is hand painted with the most exquisite detail ranging from bustling scenery on a busy New York street to lovely vintage swallows that depict a quaint art deco feel.

Memories made special

Each box stands as an exquisite work of art while storing lovely memories and pieces of the past. Whether they are pages from a handwritten novel, letters from loved ones or pictures of a family vacation, they are sure to be kept safely and in style in these boxes. Each style comes in a set of varying pieces to accommodate accumulated keepsakes throughout the years or the beginnings of a collection. There is sure to enough room for your clientele's personal items.

Working its wonders

The collection from the no.1 online Australian giftware store also features trays of varying sizes and styles to keep most used items on display on night tables or dressers. They are best used for jewelry to be laid and out for easy access. Any one the trays from the collection will add a romantic and classy touch to any bedroom. Impressing guests or starting a conversation is easy, as only only needs to serve the next round of drinks on these art trays. Each piece is guaranteed to work wonders.

Purposeful and practical

Each set is truly marvelous and of a kind perfect for dinner parties and entertaining in homes! Each tray is a fine piece of art on its own, but also serves other purposes well. They are great for keeping memories and keeping the drinks and the conversations coming in any occasion.

The boxes are also a delight to have and to use for whatever purpose. Stacked together, they make excellent alternatives to boring drawers from the past. They are best for storing little personal belongings such as earphones, loose change, keys, tiny scissors, yarn, and ballpens in each compartment. The boxes eliminate the clutter that accumulates on desks and drawers. These boxes not only help with organization, they also lively up homes and bring cheer to an otherwise dull day. With their splendid designs and top of the line material, these boxes are simply hard to resist.

Love comes in boxes

Yes, everyone has their own little pieces from the past that they would like to keep forever. Timeless and precious, each little knick knack carries in it a story that can be retold over and over. Keep memories safe from secure from the winds of time and the ever changing outside world.

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Boxes Trellis Stamp S/2

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Bamboo Round Box S/2

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Box Party Animals

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Metal Box S/2 Kibris Silver

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Metal Box Layla Silver


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Box Gypsy Square


Boxes White Wash S/3

S: 27x17x17.5cm, M: 35x22x20cm, L: 43.5x27.5x22cm.

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