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Wholesale Plate Stands & Display Stands

Easels, plate stands, and all other types of stands are originally designed to serve a functional purpose. Easels are for aiding artists when they're working on their canvas. There are also stands for holding books, plates, and many other objects in place. But when you choose one of these products from the selection offered at Lavida, your easel or stand is immediately turned into a fine work of art.

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Book Stands

Although electronic books and other reading materials are certainly cheaper compared to their paper-based counterparts, there are still times when you find a story that feels best when read from actual pages of a book.

There is just something mesmerizing about the feel of a page on your fingers, the smell of a newly printed book, and the crisp sound that pages make when they are turned. All these amount to an enhanced reading experience, which can only be made more beautiful when you are using the right style of book stand.

When choosing a book stand, it would be ideal if you find something that can match your mood when you are reading. Curly-styled book stands can make romance paperbacks feel more poignant while simple dark book stands can make you feel more involved in a good mystery thriller while sipping hot cocoa.

Plate Stands

Plate stands can easily transform your dining room into a gallery of art, given the right choice and match-up between your stands and plates. There is a reason why fine dining ware is often given as wedding gifts. Fine dining ware, which is sure to include plates, is not only something you can use for enjoying food. They can also be something that can make your food more visually appetizing. Last but not the least; they also make your plates stand out the way they are supposed to.

Plate stands can also be used in the living room. In this type of setting, they can be used as a mounting for ceremonial or award plates that you or your loved ones have received. It would be a shame if they were only kept hidden away in attic, but displaying them as if they were ordinary décor would be almost as bad.

Pot Hangers

Pot hangers serve a lot of purposes. Besides making more effective use of vertical storage space, pot hangers can also serve as ornamental displays in your kitchen. They go particularly well with old lace curtains, brick walls, and all other traditional elements you would expect in kitchens designed with old-fashioned charm.

But pot hangers, in spite of their name, do not have to be used for holding or storing just pots. They can also be used for storing and displaying your finest kitchenware ? in the end, it is all about letting your creative side free and making your kitchen as welcoming and beautiful as the rest of your home.


If it is your first time to shop for easels, you will find it an incredibly fun experience. Contrary to what most think, easels are not only fit for an artist’s home. As long as you have an appreciation for art and the finer things of life, there is no knowing when painting or drawing will capture your fancy.

Picture your living room with the windows open and the curtains swaying gently, its corners touching the blank canvas or drawing board on your easel. Doesn’t it paint a nice picture?

Of course, if you have any family or friends gifted with artistic skills, then gifting them with easels is one of the best choices you can make. Just make sure that you choose the design that either matches the person’s workplace or art studio. If not that, then look for a design that goes well with his artistic style.

Lastly, consider the width and height of the easel. If you are not sure whether your artist friend likes to paint on his feet or while sitting, something like the adjustable Normandy easel would be perfect. No matter what position he fancies for creating works of art, this type of easel will serve him in good stead.

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