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Wholesale Men's Gifts

Our collection of men's gifts carries some of the most quirky products for your man cave. Whether you like funny signage, bottle openers, or fridge magnets, we have something for you. If you are more of a minimalist or are looking for utility items to gift, our collection carries high-quality masculine stationery such as luxurious pens, leather luggage tags, and so much more.

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Our gifting collection for men is ideal for making gifting easier. We carry some of the best products that make for perfect, thoughtful gifts for the men in your life.

For professional men in your life that spend most their time suited up, we have an exquisite collection of leather-bound diaries in beautiful prints and stylish memo boxes to keep their desks neat.

Buying gifts for men can often be a daunting task for women who do not understand what a man might like. It is often a choice between a generic perfume from your local drugstore or the same old tie that they probably never wear.

Our collection helps you spice up your gifting and helps you stand out. With gifts like these, you are sure to become memorable.

For when your colleagues are retiring or moving onto better things, our collection has some of the quirkiest gifts to match their personality. Standing and hanging signs with funny messages. Our collection perfectly complements your friendships and inside jokes.

Ideal for gifting on all occasions, LaVida's men's gift collection is your one-stop solution for all your gifting needs today and forever.

If you have not already tried our exquisite men's gifting range, it is time to do so! Add these stunning gifts to your next purchase and give your loved ones a reason to cherish you forever.

Pots and Planters- Outdoor

LaVida carries one of the largest collections of outdoor supplies to support our love for outdoors and nature as a country. With Australia's phenomenal climate and beautiful outdoor spaces adorning modern Australian homes, we bring to you a wide range of garden supplies including decor, pots and planters, and so much more.

Whether you have a porch that needs a few cute planters or a lush garden that could do with more greenery, our collection has something for all your needs- big and small.

We have a wide range of decorative planters painted in beautiful colours that perfectly complement your home and add a distinct personality to your spaces. From bright colours and maximalist designs to muted colours, minimal designs, and a chic aura, we have a design for all kinds of homes.

Our collection boasts over 2000 different colours and styles of planters, pots, statement decor pieces, and jugs that add a unique touch to your beautiful Australian home.

We often don't invest in outdoor decor due to the quality of material and its durability but with LaVida, you are sure to love your outdoor spaces. Our high-quality pieces are made with the finest terracotta, wood, and metal to ensure that they last you long.

With spaces, especially outdoor, becoming more expensive, it becomes even more important to maximise your utility and usage and with LaVida's garden items, your spaces feel more homely and loved.

These decor and utility pieces such as pots and planters are perfect for gifting as tokens of love. Whether it is your friend's housewarming or a loved one's anniversary, these gardening items make for amazing gifts for all kinds of occasions.

Keeping a garden is a commitment but with our beautiful designs and decor, you look forward to this commitment every day. We bring to you a wide range of decorative planters and pots of all sizes to fit your needs.

We have big pots for entryways and main doors of your home and smaller ones to line up your garden in the most elegant way possible. Our collection has diverse prints and patterns to meet all your decor needs so that you don't have to compromise on the quality of the products to find the design you love.

LaVida serves every taste and style with its dynamic collection. Whether you're enthusiastic about vintage aesthetics or like neutral earthy tones, we have something in our outdoor collection for you. If you are one for statement pieces that add a bold touch to your home, LaVida has a wide range of bright colours and eclectic designs for the fierce you.

With stunning textures, beautiful designs and playful patterns, our gardening and outdoor collection are all things flowery, green and lovable.

If your home does not have an outdoor space such as porch, backyard, or garden, don't worry! Our collection has small planters and decor that is perfect for balconies and patio decks as well!

Not only this, but we are also always updating our designs and stock so you are sure to get fresh trendy designs in the best quality material at all times.

Explore LaVida's gardening, outdoor, and pots and plants collection and start planning your dream outdoor spaces today!

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