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Display Stands

Display stands can do a lot of things for people both personally and professionally. They can help store things, display things or give several products strategic positions earning attention and getting more details. Display stands at Lavida allow your customers to personally sort out things. The products also help your business get the much needed competitive advantage. ... read more... read more


Display stands have many utilities. For personal use, display stands provide a better way to organize things while also helping revamp the area for a better look. For businesses, good display stands can showcase the strengths of a product to get more people to buy. Aside from the range of things you can do with display stands, you can choose from a number of designs. Each design promises a good decorative and strategic value.

You can offer display stands to organize jewelry, arrange clothes, systematize books and other literature and provide customers a way to make sure that everything gets stored properly when they are using them. There are double curl and swirl jewelry stands that allow people to hang earrings, necklaces and bracelets all at the same time. If you are somewhat more detailed then you can choose to specifically just an earring stand, a bracelet stand and a necklace stand.

From combined utilities to individual organization, it is possible to find a display stand that can suit client tastes. There are also mannequin-like display stands which make it easier to hang jewelry. Some stands even resemble the Eiffel tower or appear like swirling ensemble of leaves. Basically, you give customers the freedom to spice up your personal space depending on the preferences you have. Display stands offers also a different kind of decorative value for businesses.

Business Value

Presentation is also just as crucial as the kind of product to sell. While one item may appear really pleasing, customers may not be able to see or appreciate them if they are properly displayed. The right kind of presentation takes on an important role particularly when drawing in attention. The extent of attention attracted by the business makes or breaks their success. Presentation often determines the edge of one shop over the other.

Banking on the idea of presentation, what do you really need to know about presentation and display stands? Well, for one thing, the setting and lighting enhances the person’s interest over the product. Because the target is to make sales, it is advantageous to flaunt all the desirable aspects of a product. Take jewelry for example. If people cannot see how intricate the chain of the necklace or how immense the effect of the pendant or stone, marketing would be futile.

Products like watches, jewelry and other expensive products need to be presented in a beautiful way to make people realize how appealing then can also get when they wear the same things. Unlike basic commodities, jewelry and similar products do not comprise the daily planned expenses of people. They usually count more during special occasions or when people feel the need to splurge and buy something beautiful or pampering.

It is easier to guarantee that people get to appreciate the products through the use of display stands. These items also offer a way to apply lighting effects to complement the look. Simply laying the items down would not do the trick. Display stands can make people feel as if they are missing something if they do not buy the product. It is impossible to generate that impact if people do not like what they see.

It is always easier to convince people when they can concretely confirm it for themselves. Cluttered items can draw people off and create a sense of confusion. Aside from strategically positioning things, display stands also guarantee that items can be systematized or organized for better tracking of inventory. No other item can provide your customers with the same convenience and luxury than the display stands at Lavida.

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