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Wholesale Lamps & Lighting

Welcome to LaVida's range of wholesale lighting, lamps and pendant lighting.

Sourcing well priced lighting can be hard, but here at LaVida we have done all the hard work for you, as we have selected the most beautiful wholesale lighting, lamps and pendant lighting from far and wide and brought them into this one easy online shop just for you!

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The lighting of a room is incredibly important and most interior designers will start with lighting as it really sets the tone for the feel of a room.

There are so many great lighting options that it's important to be able to offer your customer something really special at prices that they just can�t refuse.

We like to keep a consistently evolving range of table and floor lamps in stock and over the last few year this range has grown considerably, we hope this shows in that the products are working not only for you, but also for your customers also.

Table Lamps

The comforting light from a table lamp as the day draws to an end signifies the start of the evening and a time to prepare for relaxation.

Table lamps are chosen though, not just for their subtle lighting, but really for how they look in our homes and what they add to the feel of a room.

Some stylists like to play it safe and keep them simple and plain, others love to add a vibrant splash of colour and make a bold statement, some lamps will match the d�cor and others will be eccentric and vintage looking.

Whatever style of lamps your customers are looking for we aim to accommodate all tastes and styles.

From nautical to classical or contemporary and modern, we try to keep a great selection at wholesale prices which are very difficult to beat.

As you can imagine we spend so much time looking at possible new products and we see so many styles and designs, lamp bases vary greatly anything from wooden, ceramic to glass and anything inbetween.   

Opting more a few neutral bases, some clear glass and an eclectic colour is a great way to start a collection of lamps as this should cover pretty much every taste.

Displaying a lamp in situ in your store heightens it chances of a sale, sitting on a coffee table, with a small stack of books, a vase of fresh flowers and maybe a candle is a beautiful way to show a lamp off in an elegant way.

Bedside table lamps are often bought in pairs so be mindful not to buy any odd numbers and choose something in a neutral palette allowing them to add rather than detract from the current d�cor.

Pendant Lighting

The wholesale pendant lighting section is always expanding so expect to find a great array of sizes and finishes and styles.

Our online wholesale lighting store features an unique selection of pendant lighting or hanging lights which are always an interesting and affordable way to add another dimension and feel to a room.

Pendant lights are becoming increasingly popular and are still considered to be a new way to light a modern space. 

Our collection of wholesale pendant lights can be displayed easily in your store and is a great way to illuminate a space, such as a dining table or kitchen island.

Whether you are looking for a industrial or modern feel you are sure to find something you love in our range of wholesale pendant lights.

Floor Lamps

Adding floor lamps to the already growing range of table lamps has been received well by you and your customers.  

Floor lamps add the extra bit of wow in the lighting of a space, they add a different dimension and light at a new level.

Children�s Lamps and Lanterns

Lamps for children are a great addition to the d�cor of their bedrooms, generally available in pink, blue and white for ease to include into any space.  We also like to keep in stock a range of decorated paper lanterns in the latest designs and colours.

Take a look at our latest range of lamps and lighting and see what great products you can find for your customers today.

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