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  • Planters With Stands

    Considering how popular and versatile planters with stands can be, it's understandable why you feel they woul...

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  • Fake Plants

    There are many reasons business owners opt to sell artificial plants through their stores. Whether they choose to use the faux greenery at home or in their businesses, their customers can also experie...

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  • Arch Mirrors

    While we love mirrors of all shapes, sizes, and styles, arch mirrors have a unique look all their own that adds a little extra elegance and intrigue. Lavida has a large selection of arch mirrors that...

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  • Clocks

    Mechanical clocks date back several centuries, and the styles have certainly evolved over time. Lavida offers a range of clock options, whether you desire a small one to sit on your table or a larger,...

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  • Wholesale Garden Pots

    Gardens are beautiful, after all they're put together with a lot of work. But imagine being able to go out and work in the garden and come home to a perfectly tended potted plant garden. There is a gr...

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  • Best wholesale ceramic pots for modern gardens

    Ceramic pots are largely misunderstood. At a glance, you may think ceramic pots are mere terracotta pots with a better appearance. However, ceramic pots are typically glazed with a coat of lacquer tha...

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  • Best Wholesale Pots for Modern Homes

    Modern houses have a broad spectrum of designs. Present-day homes have a simple exterior and an extravagant interior. With high expectations comes a sense of confusion and frustration. In the recent t...

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  • Your guide to wholesale ceramic Types

    What are ceramics? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ceramics means made of fired clay. That doesn't do quite the justice to the word 'ceramics'. Ceramics are materials that underg...

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  • Wholesale ceramics: the new trend in style and sustainability

    Ceramics are a huge part of our day to day lives. Without ceramics, we would find most of our daily chores hard to execute. But with our busy schedules, we do not have the time to notice everything ar...

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  • Wholesale Planters to Transform your Space

    Plants have the ability to create a pleasant atmosphere that is known to relieve stress and anxiety and enhance productivity. Due to the need for humans to connect and the ongoing pandemic, people a...

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  • Nature 101: your guide to wholesale pots and planters

    Want to have a garden at home? Are you planning on pursuing gardening for your psychological wellness or want to contribute to climate control? Pots and planters are the way to go as they enable you t...

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